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I was delighted to learn that the Constitution prohibited laws like Belgium’s. There was no battle to fight, I thought. We were covered. I have since learned that the words about a militia and the right of the people to keep and bear, while important, mean as much to a determined enemy as the Maginot line did to Hitler.

Rather than depend on the Second Amendment to protect our gun rights, I’ve learned that we must protect the Second Amendment and the precious rights it recognizes.

Neal Knox
From The Belgian Corporal
[I too once believed we were covered and there was no battle to fight. That fantasy of mine was destroyed in 1993. I’ve been fighting for nearly 20 years now and I don’t see an end in sight.—Joe]


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  1. I don’t think they’ll ever be an end, Joe. As long as some Political Hack or Group wants to Destroy the Constitution and the Republic, there will ALWAYS be Assaults against the RKBA. After all, if the “Peasants” are Armed and say “NO!”, then the Venal Pols would eventually HAVE to drop their Sheep’s Clothing and reveal their True Nature.

    So it’s our Legacy to keep on saying “No!” and having the Tools necessary to make it stick.

  2. The founding fathers created a Constitution that can be changed though it isn’t easy to change it. That’s something everyone needs to be aware of.

    • “The founding fathers created a Constitution. That’s something everyone needs to be aware of.”


    • Yes it can be changed, but people also need to be aware that there are some “unalienable rights” enumerated in there, that by definition absolutely may not be repealed no matter how many people vote to do so. They can’t be taken away and we are not allowed to give or throw them away. Whether a person agrees with it or not, that’s the contract; in fact any such alteration breaks the contract, and the contract penalties kick in.

    • I also have some question as to whether the BOR could actually be amended to remove the 2A. Since the original BOR was necessary for ratification of the entire constitution, could one of the original Amendments be repealed without dissolving the entire Constitution?

  3. “I’ve been fighting for nearly 20 years now and I don’t see an end in sight.”

    It never ends. We were never “covered”. Never. The constitution is just words, and it is only as good as the general understanding and acceptance of it, and the general insistence upon it. The Founders knew this, and warned us about it.

    If the truth be known, this is an ancient struggle, as old as humanity. It is THE struggle, and this 2A stuff is just a part of it— an analogy, or allegory, or microcosm, of the whole thing. “Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name.”

    • This is what annoys me about when people talk about a “living” Constitution. If by “living”, you mean we wrest the heck out of the meaning, to make it say “no” where it says “yes”, and “yes” where it clearly says “NO”, then the Constitution is dead: it has no meaning.

      The ONLY way the Constitution has life, is when the People and the Government (and particularly the People) actually take the words seriously, and do their best to live up to the ideals of liberty those words try to protect. We can write reams and reams of words, but if they aren’t taken seriously, they mean nothing.

      Thus, whenever you hear a “progressive” talk about a “living” Constitution, you would do well to look for the knife, poised to stab that Constitution in the back, or to outright slit its throat.

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