Quote of the day—Bob Cesca

Men, whether intentional or not, tend to confuse their guns for their penises. The bigger the gun/penis, the more masculine they are. Guns have become penis extensions, if not penis substitutes, and the phallic similarities are obvious.

The masculine equivalence of guns and gun ownership needs to be phased out, which is to say manhood and firearms must be divorced from each other if we’re going to get beyond the deadly gun culture. Guns should eventually be regarded as nothing more than a tool — stripped of mystique and Freudian symbolism — for people who need to hunt their own food or to defend themselves in law-enforcement or military situations. Nothing more.

Bob Cesca
January 29, 2013
A Gun Won’t Make Your Penis Larger
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

I find it very telling that Cesca considers self-defense valid for law-enforcement and the military but not for private citizens. I saw a movie like that once. It was called Schindler’s List*.

*I didn’t come up with this quip. I forget exactly where I first heard it but the earliest reference I can find on the net is here. That is not where I first heard it.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bob Cesca

  1. My wife’s pistol is a full-sized Ruger P89. I carry a Kel-Tec PF-9 subcompact.

    So, what does that say, Mr. Cesca? Do I carry this small gun to compensate for my enormous ding-dong? Or do I actually see my gun as a tool, and therefore carry the one that suits my needs without worrying about size or looks?

    I have a secret to tell Mr. Cesca and his contemporaries: The only people that think of guns as penises, don’t own any. The ramifications of this, I will leave for others to consider.

  2. I confuse my gun and my penis ALL THE TIME. Just last week I shattered a toilet and three urinals…

    • Apparently, you are shaking it wrong. Or else you have a, ahem, hair trigger 🙂
      Remember – when carrying and using an outhouse, close the lid, shift gear and drop trou, open the lid, sit and do you business, stand, close the lid, THEN collect your gear. It avoids unnecessary “fishing” expeditions.

    • Sounds like a negligent discharge that a lot of men experience later in life. I suggest seeing a doctor for a prescription for Black Talon ammo that will cure that and make the women swoon at your feet.

      Seriously now, Bob Cesca, do you really believe this drivel? I don’t suffer fools and you are a BIG ONE. Oh, did that reference to “size” get you excited, Bob? I have a shotgun (that is one serious piece of artillery) to protect my wife and young daughters, so how does your analogy work again? Please, if you are an ignorant hoplophobe (but I repeat myself) please, remain quiet while the adults go about their business.

  3. “Liberal “men”, whether intentional or not, tend to confuse their guns for their penises.”


  4. The good news is that the only people who confuse guns for their penises and not simply as a tool are the ones who won’t own them anyway.

  5. It is interesting that, among all that ignorance, Bob Cesca makes the point we’ve been making for years;
    “Guns should…be regarded as nothing more than a tool…”

    Even a jackass can blunder into the occasional truth.

  6. So if a leftist says I’m using my firearms to compensate for the supposed “fact” that my penis is inadaquate, can I sue him for sexual harrassment?

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