Quote of the day—Mike Hope

That’s exactly what we want to go after. We don’t know who’s buying the gun.

Mike Hope
Washington state representative of Lake Stevens.
February 9, 2013
Washington state nears deal on gun background checks
[Hope is also a Seattle police officer and said the above in regards to:

Hope, a Seattle police officer, said the private transactions are occurring all the time and are attractive for criminals who can avoid a background check. He noted that when his employer recently held a gun buyback program, some people were on the streets buying weapons from people who were waiting in line.

I was at that gun “buyback”. I was attempting to buy some of those guns. And he is saying I was “exactly what we want to go after”. That is good to know Mr. Hope. That may be used as evidence at your trial.

See also my post on background checks and on background checks that would be acceptable to us but not to them. That’s odd you say? Why why wouldn’t they want a universal background check they could get easily passed into law? It’s because don’t really want background checks. They want registration and confiscation.

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2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mike Hope

  1. When we have cops and other servants advocating for the wholesale violation of rights, we have a war. These rogues have to be stopped, one way or another.

    No more LEO/Mil discounts from my business either. Chances are as a good as not that they’re on the wrong side. Besides that, some of them make as much or more than I make, plus they have benefits and retirement that I don’t have. Mostly though, if they feel they’re sacrificing more than they’d like to sacrifice, they can piss off.

    That goes to all cops out there. You think you’re a fucking hero? I don’t. Lets see how you defend the Bill of Rights with your life, then we’ll talk.

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