Not an epic fail

Last week on Facebook Larry Correia corrected those people that think shooting a .50 BMG from the shoulder will knock them on down. As he says it really isn’t that bad. In terms of recoil it’s about like shooting a 12 gauge shotgun.

I was going through my old Boomershoot pictures and found a picture of me shooting one from the shoulder at Boomershoot 2000 so I thought I would share:


It’s so heavy that it’s tough to support it. The arm of my support hand was against my body for additional steadiness. No. I did not fall down. I don’t think I even had to take a step back to catch my balance.


10 thoughts on “Not an epic fail

  1. ‘Course its no problem for Larry! He’s like 6’14” or something insane like that! The rest of us mortals, though, we may experience some….difficulties.

    Not that I’d ever turn down a chance to try, mind you….

    • One of those shows up most years. Sometimes even two or three of that exact model. Just gotta ask the right people 🙂 .

      • Heck, I’m in that video! Watch all the way to the end and you’ll see a 10-12 year old shooting it. He’s both shorter and lighter than my wife, so I think any 120 pound woman could shoot it quite easily.

  2. Ry, have any pictures of the ladies running your .50? I did mention that in Larry’s FB post that the ladies were easily using the 50 you brought.

  3. No big deal with a compensator. In fact, no worse than shooting a .50 Beowulf.

    We should film someone shooting your .50 and someone shooting my .50 Beowulf and compare, Ry!

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