Quote of the day—JB Williams

It will be ALL Americans, including their military, against the Marxist anti-Americans destroying America, which means politicians, their lawyers and their leftist minions in the press. I wouldn’t want to be them when they finally succeed in pushing the nation to internal war.

Politicians, their lawyers and their minions in the press are NOT the kind of people that go to war. They are only the kind of people that order other people to war. When “other folks” refuse orders to go to war on their own citizens, their families, their friends, the people issuing those orders will be standing bare naked on the front lines and nobody will be able to save their sorry asses from the wrath of the American people.

JB Williams
February 2013
Is Obama Pushing for a Civil War?
[I have nothing to add that I haven’t already said.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—JB Williams

  1. They’ll build up to it. The military and police will obey orders to push civilians harder and harder and harder. Each increment won’t seem like a breaking point. They’ll feel like they’re just doing their jobs and times are hard for everybody. Any civilian who complains will seem to them to be just a noisy pain in the ass. When civilians finally can’t take any more, and start to refuse, they’ll hurt anybody who says “no”, and kill anybody who poses a threat to their buddies — just like any conflict in history. As the country fragments, members of any large successful organization will transfer their primary loyalties to it, because that is how you ensure that your children will survive.

    West Point is already indoctrinating cadets to regard constitutionalists as a threat.

    Some individuals in the military will no doubt remain loyal to the constitution. As an organization, the military will ally itself with the government. Count on it. Look at the powerpoint jockeys running the Pentagon. You really think they’ll throw away their careers backing the weaker horse?

    • And how many teenaged recruits are constitutional scholars these days?
      How many cops are unionized, and will be more loyal to the Brotherhood than to anyone or anything else?

  2. The police types will go with the wind. Its hard to be against law abidding types, far harder to follow the orders of the people who would send the cops to the gulag as soon as possible. Yes some morons will follow the Obamaites commands. There are always the willing few. Far more dangerous will be the racists, gangbangers and union enforcers.

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