Gun cartoon of the day


Isn’t it interesting that what the artist believes and reality are so divergent?

Or is it the artist knows the truth and is attempting to misinform others?

Ignorance or ill-intent? That is the question.

We are better than this. We are well-informed and well-intentioned.


10 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. It would be more plausible if it showed an NRA member cutting up yet another NRA solicitation for funds!

  2. It’s pure bigotry– condemning a whole population for the actions of a minuscule few. In any demographic there will be a bad apple here and there, and so this can be done to anyone.

    If a cartoon man were cutting up his NAACP card, what would be the headline on the discarded newspaper? “Black youth hold up convenience store?” How would the public react to such a cartoon? Would the reaction be justified?

    Man cuts up AAA card with the headline, “Family killed in car crash”.

    If a cartoon man were cutting up his National Press Club card, what would be the headline on the discarded newspaper? I know; “News reporting increasingly inaccurate, manipulative and Marxist-biased”. Something like that.

    If a cartoon woman were cutting up her N.O.W. membership card, what would be the headline on the discarded newspaper?

    The possibilities are endless. How about cartoon man cuts up the advertising contract he had with the Chattanooga Times Free Press?

    • One problem though; the shooter probably wasn’t an NRA member, and so what the hell sense does it make, even from the bigot’s point of view?

      I take it back. It isn’t so much bigotry as pure insanity.

  3. More apropos would be someone cutting up their ACLU card; they’re the ones responsible for keeping the violently insane on the street.

  4. Although I certainly don’t agree with the intent, I think I grok it. Us guys in the gun culture should be ashamed of ourselves that someone that we don’t know used a gun to kill some kids. For decades, the liberals have attempted to control human behavior with guilt trips. I’m responsible for slavery, massacres of native americans, and a whole host of events and activities that I (or even my parents) weren’t even in existence to witness. If a polar bear drowns, a frog grows three flippers, or a Nigerian dies of AIDS, I’m responsible for it.

    See, collective shame gives the liberals a reason for being. Without it, they have no justification to control everything. If I don’t take responsibility for a criminal shooting up a school, then I have no reason to attempt to control those types of events. But, if us gun culture folks are collectively to blame, then we can justifiably be collectively the target of control measures.

    It’s all crocodile tears and theatrics.

    • So the answer to the question is this is what the artist thinks should happen instead of what he thinks is happening?

  5. This is the hypocrisy of the left. They still own cars in spite of auto accidents, have and consume alcohol in spite of deaths of families caused by drunk drivers, still own pools and 5 gallon buckets in spite of child drownings because of the presence of the pools and buckets. They will insist that those cases are different in some unexpressable way and they should get a pass because they are “responsible”. Well, (to my frothing-mouthed Stalinist sister in law, specifically), that’s the same argument you rejected from the gun owners. You don’t get to make that argument for yourself, because you excluded it from the argument yourself.
    Why don’t you fill your pool with dirt because someone across the state had her child drown? If it saves just one life, what’s a bunch of summers trivial fun in exchange?
    Hypocrisy. Somehow this has to make it into to the mainslime media when there is an auto accident or swimming pool drowning.
    The arguments have to be made to show the hypocrisy, and not just hypocrisy on the right.

  6. In the case of the mainstream media, best to assume that things like this are always mis/disinformation. They are intended to keep lefties feeling snug and up to speed on the party line. It’s just feel-good propaganda for their side.

    And if it demoralizes any of those crazy gun people, well, that’s an added benefit.

  7. For me, it made me become a lifetime NRA member. Take that Feinstein!

    I’m tired of being blamed for the crimes of a few insane freaks and I will not accept any culpability because I am blameless. So, accuse me at your peril.

    I will not accept new gun control laws because they do not work. They have zero efficacy, so the stupid morons they propose them need to be hit on the head with a rolled up copy of the Constitution.

  8. That’s odd. I signed myself and AwesomeWife up for NRA and SAF in response the the loons in DC’s craziness.

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