A zombie outbreak in Moscow Idaho

Via email from Mike B. we have a letter from the mayor and city council of Moscow Idaho advocating for a kitchen sink full of gun restrictions including an “assault weapon” ban, magazine restrictions, ballistic fingerprinting, armor piercing ammo ban, explosives ammo ban, recording ammo sales, mandatory safe storage, waiting periods, elimination of private sales, restricting the number of firearms purchased in a given time period, and all guns be sprinkled with fairy dust daily.

It appears the zombie infection broke out far from the front lines. Don’t worry. We know how to handle it.


7 thoughts on “A zombie outbreak in Moscow Idaho

  1. Nice laundry list – virtually every item of which has been demonstrated, many times, to have negligible effect on crime. I do like how the last paragraph explains how the vast majority of law abiding gun owners will enthusiastically embrace the notion of bending over and grabbing their ankles in order to comply with these inane proposals.

    So when did the libs take over Moscow?

  2. @Phelps, Yes. They run for reelection every few years but half the town population are students at the University of Idaho. A good proportion of the remainder are professors and family. It’s very liberal community. It’s probably the most liberal place in the entire state. This makes them mostly irrelevant as voters for anything outside of the county. It also makes for some “friction” around the edges.

    @Defens, They probably took over in the mid 1960s.

  3. We’re making trips out to Idaho, thinking about property there instead of outside of Pugetropolis. Tough decision. One thing already decided? Not looking in Latah County (Moscow, etc.) … which is a shame, some nice country there. Maybe Kamiah. Need to look around more! Point being: not moving form the frying pan to the fire!

    • My family have been looking in that general area, so this piques my interest. Is the whole region ideologically contaminated, or is it just Moscow itself that’s a concern?

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