It’s linear but does it scale?

Paraphrasing Ry as we discuss the fireball for Boomershoot 2013:

One pound explosives one gallon gasoline, no problem. 14 pounds explosives, 14 gallons gasoline no problem. The gasoline is damping the explosion and it’s not breaking any windows. It’s linear! So, 1000 pounds of explosives and 1000 gallons of gasoline should be fine. Right? What could go wrong?

As Barb L. said when Ry and I were leaving for Idaho, “I suspect that you and Ry together equal trouble, sort of like Ruth and me together equal trouble. And it is Superbowl weekend again.

Ry has a history with Superbowl weekend.


8 thoughts on “It’s linear but does it scale?

  1. Remind me to use my telephoto lens this year when taking photos of the opening fireball, rather than the wide-angle. I think it’ll be safer.

  2. You should remind people that some phenomena can appear to be linear over limited variable ranges and go decidedly non-linear beyond those ranges lol

  3. Any thought on using E85 fuel with different chemicals to make fireballs of various colors? Most colorants will break down in the alcohol.

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