VPC admission on “assault weapon” ban

I haven’t said much on the Feinstein “assault weapon” ban because at the Federal level I don’t think it has that great of chance at passage. That isn’t the case with “universal background checks”. I therefore have put some effort into addressing the stupidity of background checks.

I am, however, going to give a token effort to the “assault weapon” ban.

Surprisingly the Violence Policy Center is our friend here. This was from September 13, 2004 in response to the expiration of the previous AWB:

…renewal would have done little to stop this flood of assault weapons. Conversely, the end of the ban only makes official what was already known: assault weapons are readily available in America. The only difference is that the arbitrary distinction between pre- and post-ban assault weapons is now gone.

They are admitting that the 1994 AWB made no difference and that the renewal of it would make no difference either. Since then there have been millions of “assault weapons” sold to the general public and tens of millions of magazines for them. So just exactly what do they think the benefit would be to an AWB today? Either they must advocate for something like confiscation or they must concede such a ban will have near zero effect in “stopping the flood”.


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  1. They also admitted that the distinction between guns restricted by the AWB and guns that weren’t restricted was entirely arbitrary – and therefore pointless.

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