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Background checks to prevent some people from gaining access to firearms is like checking ID to prevent underage drinking and smoking.

How long does it take your average high school dropout to find a way to light up while drinking a beer?


3 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. It took me as long as it takes to reach out and accept the cigarette, the joint and the beer that was offered me, and I didn’t have to drop out of high school to do it. We smoked just across the street from the school, during a ten minute break that even our school administration called the “smoke break”. Unlike Obama, we didn’t put our cigarettes out in the hall carpet. We would have gotten our asses kicked for that, because most of us were white.

    Background checks are for the purpose of intimidation– to show us who’s boss. They’re also useful as irritants. When we’re irritated, we’re not thinking so clearly. Criminals on the other hand, don’t give a damn one way or the other.

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