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The only thing a gun is good for is killing. That is it’s only purpose, and nobody needs a gun for anything other than killing.The NRA seems to be full of a bunch of morons who just want to kill things, instead of doing something constructive.

January 19, 2013
[Their ignorance is astounding.

  • I’ve fired about 100,000 rounds through my guns and only killed two deer (one shot for one and two for the other) and a rattlesnake (two shots). Does that mean that my guns have only worked 0.005% of the time?
  • The police carry guns so they can kill people?
  • The police, and others who carry guns for self-defense do so to protect innocent life. They shoot to stop the attack. Not with the express intent to kill someone or something.
  • It’s a Bill of Rights. Not a Bill of Needs.
  • Nearly all the NRA members, staff, and people on the Board of Directors that I know have college degrees. They are not morons.
  • The NRA teaches gun safety, self protection, hunting, sport shooting, and protects civil rights. Those aren’t constructive?



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  1. Joe, oh, Joe: “Nearly all the NRA members, staff, and people on the Board of Directors that I know have college degrees. They are not morons.”

    The one does not necessarily follow the other. In my experience, there’s almost zero correlation between “having a degree” and “not being a moron.” The sheepskin isn’t at all predictive of mental acuity.

    • One of the smartest people I know (I.Q. 165) did not graduate from college. Bill Gates. also very smart, did not graduate from college. I could give lots of examples but you don’t need any convincing.

      On the other end of the spectrum I don’t know anyone that is truly moronic that has graduated from college. I know a great number that are of average intelligence and some of those do and say some stupid things at times (as do the smart people).

      I view a college degree, primarily, as proof of having sufficient perseverance to follow through on a long term task. Secondarily it, baring some unusual circumstances, does indicate at least average intelligence.

      • I don’t know anyone that is truly moronic that has graduated from college.

        I do. In fact, she had a master’s degree in biochemistry. But she also couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel. Outside of textbooks and tests, she was an absolute frelling moron, to the point that I was surprised she could dress herself in the mornings without help.

        A single instance out of many, I know, but it shows that it can happen.

          • D’oh! (I hate typos) I mean “Sort of an idiot savant.” for the first sentence.

          • What was frightening is that she was a “savant” with testing, but was utterly incapable of taking that exact same knowledge and applying it to the real world. She passed her EMT test with flying colours – both the written and the practical portions – but was terrifyingly incompetent in the back of an ambulance or on scene. I actually had to kick her off of a scene once, because her attempts to do her job were actively hindering the rest of the crew. She had been with us long enough at that point that the tension of the situation should not have been an issue. “Probie’s first code” was not a valid excuse, she was just that bad.

          • Our family calls them “Book smart, life stupid”, my friends mother is like this two Doctorates, but man is is easy to fool her in “REAL Life”..

  2. Sorry, I can’t go with ignorance. It’s bigotry and stupidity, and we’ll never fix it.

  3. Also let’s not get too far away from the ugly side of the truth.

    My go-to rifle is my FAL, I picked it because .308 Win is a good compromise in power, recoil and price.

    If I have to shoot at a person to defend myself I want the gun to work. This may not mean “Kill”, but killing is a very real possibility.

    And killing to defend innocent life is 100% legal. If you are against lethal arms, you’re essentially against self defense.

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