7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Amanda K. Hootman

  1. Obviously ignorant. But definition, an “assault rifle” is mid-sized and lighter than a “normal” battle rifle, so “big-ass” and “assault rifle” are mutually exclusive terms.

  2. I have talked with some women who openly speculate on a man’s possible penis size as one of the first considerations, but I assume they’re a minority of women. Maybe I just don’t know.

    There is still a lot of ignorance out there regarding the simple term “assault rifle”. Rush Limbaugh for example still hasn’t educated himself, saying today that there is no such thing as an “assault rifle”.

  3. So, if being pro-gun means I have a teenie weenie… can we safely assume that being anti-gun means she has a tunnel of love that’s the size of the bat cave and twice as dank?

  4. Given my personal preference for tactical shotguns, I guess then that makes me an enuch.

    Good luck to this unarmed lady fighting off her future rapist…

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