Quote of the day—The Root ’83

Shall Not Be Infringed. Period. End of discussion.

Look, every Politician KNOWS this.
Leon Panetta KNOWS this.
So does Obama, Bloomberg, Cumo and everyone in the NY State Legislature as well as every Supreme Court Justice living and dead.

Ginsburg, Stomayor, all of them.
They KNOW this is what the Second Amendment MEANS, what its intended to DO…
And they DESPISE IT WITH A PASSION because it gets in their WAY.

These people are EVIL, not stupid.
And its long past time we just said it, and moved on.
Let THEM do the “catching up” for a change.

ALL of the guns are OURS.
None of the guns are YOURS, capice’

You want them?
Come and GET THEM.
Cause we’re DONE talking about it.

The Root ’83
January 18, 2013
Comment to Does ‘Gun Show Loophole’ Actually Result in Gun Crime?–Statistics do not point to criminals using this tactic.
[Clayton E. Cramer responds with, “You are giving the left credit for intelligence that just isn’t deserved.”—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—The Root ’83

  1. I understand and agree with his point, but his conclusion (come and get them) just isn’t how they roll.

    When the commies took over Russia, they didn’t kick the homeowners out at gunpoint – they just raised taxes until nobody could afford to live there, and took over the abandoned properties.

    They didn’t take over the factories at gunpoint (well, not many guns, in most cases) – they raised the taxes until the owners couldn’t make a profit, and took them over for back-taxes.

    They aren’t stupid, they’re evil.

  2. On the other hand, this is actually a great place to “compromise”. 🙂 You want background checks on private sales? Fine. Whenever you issue a state ID, do the NICS check, put a stamp on the back of the card that says “NICS passed”, put in procedures to take ID and re-issue it when invalidating events happen, and boom, you’ve got universal background checks available! If you want to be sure, make all that info be digitally signed and encoded in a QR code so that people with smartphones can scan it in and check against the state’s keys.

    Bonus: Records are not kept centrally (though you could make a law that says you need to record/save the ID # so firearms could be tracked back to people who knowingly sold to a felon), and this also seems like a great way to do decentralized CCW permits. Your background is already certified. If you are in a state that requires training, have the trainers get certified and issued a keypair that they can use to digitally sign your ID number/name and the date you were trained, then print the signature and signed data as a QR code sticker which gets put on the back of your license as well. If an officer wants to verify you are properly licensed, they scan the back of the ID, verify the signature is from a certified trainer, and there you go.

    So sure, let’s do universal background checks. In return, we’ll need CCW reciprocity, silencers removed from the NFA, and maybe the hughes amendment turned off. I’d be willing to compromise on that. 🙂

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