Quote of the day—David E. Young

The gun control advocate view of the Second Amendment is a house of cards – nay, a rather extensive castle of cards. Removing the foundation, which consists of factual errors, causes the whole to crumble.

David E. Young
January 13, 2013
Second Amendment Intent / Right to Keep and Bear Arms Explained
[Of course this depends on having an originalist view of Constitutional law. People who prefer to redefine words and intent as the “need” suits them don’t really care. But it is interesting that the anti-gun people, even in SCOTUS legal briefs will pretend to be originalists and make catastrophic errors or believe others won’t notice their deliberate attempts at deception.—Joe]


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  1. Here’s an article about where the “40% of guns transferred off record without background check” figure actually comes from.


    Does anyone else want to found federal legislation based on a 20+ year old extrapolation from a 251 person random sample of people who were asked a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT QUESTION?!

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