Quote of the day—Mark Ridley Thomas

Let’s stop mincing words; Let progressives — not all but certainly many — stop feigning tolerance for a gun culture we abhor and rampant gun ownership we cannot comprehend.

Mark Ridley Thomas
January 17, 2013
Supervisor for the Second District in Los Angeles County
The National Rifle Association Is Correct: I Do Want Your Guns
[First off, his admission should be used as evidence at his trial.

Second, if he has that tough of a problem with comprehension why isn’t he in an institution of some sort instead of public office?

Third, H/T to Say Uncle.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mark Ridley Thomas

  1. Yeah, Too Bad we have an Attorney General in Eric Holder whose sole Job is to ensure that only those who Follow the Anointed One’s Agenda are safe from Prosecution.

  2. Yeah, it’s always bothered me that you can be whacko, in Governmnt, have the power to screw up the lives of millions, and nada happens, but if you are just a bit unconventional, you can’t own a gun.

    Time for “reset to default settings”.

  3. “Second, if he has that tough of a problem with comprehension why isn’t he in an institution of some sort instead of public office?”

    Thats pretty easy to answer. My neighbors here in LA are foolish sheep that want the government to keep them safe from all harm and bad feelings. Those that vote keep reelecting @ssh0les like him, Feinstein,etc. Our Mayor Villaragosa was elected by 5% of the eligible voters IIRC. I would love to see elected officials like these two put somewhere for a LONG time where they can do no harm to others. It will never happen I am afraid.


  4. Feigning tolerance is a primary feature of Progressivism. The alternative is violent revolution. That’s what sets Progressives apart from communists.

    What Mark Ridley Thomas is saying then is that it’s time for the Progressives to play their final hands. We’ve been saying the same thing for a while now, so I have to agree with him on that point– they should stop the faking, come right out and declare themselves. It won’t happen of course– they’ll lie and fake to their end.

  5. I don,t care whether he comprehends or not. I cannot comprehend his ignorance. Why in his incomprehension does he feel his rights somehow over shadow those rights of others ?

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