Quote of the day—Bob Owens

Governor “Common Sense” Cuomo is a stumbling, bumbling example of the kind of person emotionally unsuited for high office, a fact the flaws in the draconian SAFE Act will show over time as unintended consequences catch up to bad legislation.

Bob Owens
January 17, 2013
Oops. Were there not LEO magazine exemptions in the rushed NY SAFE Act?
[H/T to Chris Knox who retweeted thegunwire.

The only thing I can add is that anyone who advocates for gun control is emotional, logically, and philosophically unsuited for any public job above toilet scrubber.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bob Owens

  1. Uh, I’m not sure about Toilet Scrubbers. Knowing how they think, they’d probably mix Bleach and Ammonia together when they had to clean the Bowl.

  2. I see all of the NYPD union members are working hard with the Governors office to fix that little discrepancy… bunch of ass hats if you ask me, they’re throwing law abiding citizens under the bus for job security.

    Since the law will probably not be over turned for plain old law abiding folks in NY I have a great idea, lets start a company called “Lucky 7’s”, we can get some print bots and start churning out new followers for all of the existing magazines in NY State… We then bank roll a majority of the profits made from the new followers into SAF etc…

  3. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if the bill that “fixes” the missing LEO exemption got filibustered, so they had to obey the same laws as everyone else? The squawking and bluster on the left trying to explain why cops NEED these things but us proles don’t could be fun to watch.

  4. Make the Peace Officers carry .38 Police Positive revolvers! After all, the new legislation is going to convert NY state to a Utopian society, right? So why should they even need police, except to issue traffic citations or direct traffic. If the police claim a need for standard capacity magazines, it’s an obvious vote of No Confidence in their beloved Governor.

  5. Well, they should be called to explain if the ONLY purpose of the bigger than arbitrary magazine limit is to quickly kill a lot of people by spraying bullets so quickly, then how is it the police who are to PROTECT AND SERVE, rather than “off a lot of people quickly” would need such death spewing devices and a woman awoken at 230 am on a work night by an erstwhile rapist doesn’t need but 6 bullets.

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