“Review” has a specific meaning

I think I’ve read several hundred product “reviews” that go along the lines of;
“It looks and feels great. I can’t wait to go out and shoot it.”

I’m sorry, but “wow-I-can’t-wait-to-get-out-and-try-it” is not a review. Please don’t do that. Sometimes I can read through dozens of “reviews” before I find a single review. I fully understand your excitement and pleasure upon receiving a new product, but that’s a reaction, not a review. Please don’t waste people’s time.


2 thoughts on ““Review” has a specific meaning

  1. One step up from “I know everything about product X, because I read all about it in the latest issue of ‘Boomsticks and Cordit'” type of gun store advice. But not by much.

  2. I heartily agree. Falls in the same bucket with the twit or old Gomer on YouTube that drones on for 10 minutes about the nifty way the sling swivels detach, but never actually fires the thing. Or the knife reviews where either nothing gets cut or the reviewer is so fumble-fingered that he barely escapes the review with his fingers intact.

    Everyone is entitled to his opinion. He’s also entitled to keep it to himself.

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