6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Nancy Lee Grahn

  1. Hmm. One is given to wonder then, just what hobbies might make one’s penis larger. Stamp collecting? Watching TV? Nancy Lee fails to give us any suggestions. But then the assumption that gun ownership is nothing but a hobby is quite of a leap of assumption. That we would have a constitutional amendmend protecting one mere hobby among all other hobbies would be curious thing.

  2. I predict that when we win this battle, Hollywood celebrities will suddenly start proclaiming their affection for gun rights. They are empty suits.

  3. Of course anyone who loves liberty has something wrong with them. That’s the game, you know, and it applies across the board. It’s where we get the images of the dirty, money-grubbing Jews who eat babies, and of the rich, white, male, cigar-smoking fat cats who steal from the poor (I never understood the logic there) and kick old people out onto the streets with no food or medicine. So we gun owners can be proud to be counted among the ranks of the frightening, deeply disturbed, dangerously pathological figures in history, who must be ostracized from polite society and then destroyed.

    So long as negative stereotypes work, and that’s pretty much all the time, they will be used. Have you all seen the photo book about Wal Mart customers? I saw it at Haistings recently. We’re filthy, stupid, ugly, socially inept– scary people. That’s exactly what they did to the Jews back in the 1930s.

    You’ll never astop it, but I think that what Joe’s doing, just looking at it, is the perfect response. “I SEE YOU…”

  4. Oh Lyle, don’t be ridiculous. It makes perfect sense. All us rich folk got that way by finding people who had nothing, and taking it from them. Ah, wait. I mean, that is to say… Ok, you’re right, that is pretty stupid.

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