Quote of the day—Alan

Let me be perfectly clear and up front.

Hell no.

No Registration, no confiscation and no compulsory buy-backs.

Molon Labe you deluded bitch.

December 26, 2012
Molon labe
[I think it is unlikely to come to that at the Federal level. There might be a state or two that try it. But it will be ignored and/or evaded and it won’t go far.

The cops know better and won’t have anything to do with it except in places like New Jersey where they are already jack booted thugs who prefer the police state tightens the screws at every opportunity.

Still, it’s good to give the politicians some clarity on your position.—Joe]


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  1. You’d think they would know their American history. Taxes started the debate, going to take the colonials firearms started the war.

  2. Yeah, New Jersey, run by every conservative’s good buddy, Chris Christie, aka, Tubby the One-Note Tuba (“but I killed the UUUUNIONS” is that note, but even it is a sour note).

  3. I think the pro-gun community makes a huge mistake with their “guns for everyone” stance. We all know there are crazy people out there who shouldn’t have guns. Can we keep guns away from them? Well, we know we can’t if we don’t even try.

    You want to know the best way to lose your own gun rights? Keep insisting the crazies should be able to own guns too.

    • There are already laws against “crazies” possessing firearms, and I doubt you’ll find many people at all that advocate against those laws. The problem is that many states don’t report those who would fall under those laws even after they have been adjudicated to be a danger to themselves or others.

      Step 1: Eliminate “Gun Free Zones”, as they have been repeatedly proven to be ineffective, and have even been shown to be attractive targets to such killers.

      Step 2: Enforce the currently required mental health reporting and similar laws to see if they actually work before adding on any new laws. Laws that are not enforced will never be effective.

      Once that’s been done, and we see the results, we can start talking about whether new laws would even be effective.

      Note that, for the sake of argument, I’m ignoring the issue of Constitutionality here. Right now we don’t even have a valid idea of how effective these laws are, so we have no basis for determining their weakness or what other laws might be appropriate.

  4. @ubu52, “Guns for everyone” is a straw-man.

    Define “crazy people” in an objective way that reliably predicts criminal behavior and then we can talk.

    And please don’t troll. It diminishes my opinion of you.

    • For that matter, tell me what the first complete sentence is on page 152 of “My Brother Ron” is, and what the last source cited in the endnotes is, and then we can talk.
      The USSR ruined psychological committment, but the $h*t Leftists are saying about gun owners and what they’d like to do to them because they can’t come up with viable arguments over the past 3 weeks is finishing off the concept.

  5. Cuomo seems to be proposing some serious shit – confiscation, and limiting mags to seven rounds. Imagine someone grabbing their 8-round 1911 magazine by accident (instead of leaving it at home)and getting caught at the range for one stinking round of extra capacity??

    • that 7 round number didn’t just come out of the air. (or Cuomo’s nether orifice, although it is often hard to tell where his ideas come from) 7 is one less than the standard number in a Garand, and three less than in the integral magazine of the SKS. Seven rounds is intended to take many common firearms out of the NYFS market (Thanks to KdT who coined NYFC)

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  7. EVERY time someone mentions the “crazy people shouldn’t have firearms” issue I wonder “who is crazy”?

    Is it the 25% of American women who will battle depression at some point? What about the 40% of women who have some post partum depression? Or how about women who have PMDD, or even PMS? Is it the guy who has anxiety? What about the 18 year old girl who has a panic attack at the thought of heading off to college or has PTSD following an attempted date rape?

    All of those meet some of the gun grabbers definitions of people who shoudn’t have firearms.

    And yet, a firearm is the very thing that would protect them from the things that cause their greatest fears!

    If you look at the mass shooters, I can’t recall a single female. If we are trying to keep guns away from mass shooters, then should we just outlaw men ages 18-60 from owning firearms? That would seem to do the trick!

    Of course, that would mean disarming the police force and military…..oops, guess that won’t work after all!

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