Quote of the day—Dan Gross

This is the conversation the gun lobby wants you to be having.

Dan Gross
President of the Brady Campaign
November 2012
In response to the question, “Would you, at a moment when a stranger is shooting at you, prefer to have a gun, or not?”
[I find it very telling that Gross avoids the question. This is especially true because I recently finished listening to (and then purchased the hardcover version) Spy the Lie: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Detect Deception.

This is an excellent book. The title is a bit misleading because the book is about detecting deception which doesn’t necessarily mean lying. But “Spy the Deception” or even “Detect the Deception” just doesn’t have the “ring” to it that “Spy the Lie” does. Also of note is that the authors are former CIA officers.

Gross is being deceptive. He does not want to discuss the truth. In the famous words of Col. Nathan R. Jessup, Mr. Gross, “You can’t handle the truth!” And because Gross cannot handle the truth his organization is, and rightly so, doomed to the dustbin of history.—Joe]


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  1. Always have the conversation on your turf and on your terms, never on The Enemy’s.

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