What can we do about gun control?

What can we do about gun control?” is an open question on answers.yahoo.com.

Someone with the alias of Sal Paradise says:

Shoot gun owners with their own guns?

I find it difficult to interpret this any other way than this guy is advocating theft and murder of people exercising a specific enumerated right. Typical.

He must be a democrat. They have a very long history of opposition to civil rights:


3 thoughts on “What can we do about gun control?

  1. Well, once they can collect the guns they can finish the job on the other enumerated rights with less chance of blowback.
    They can do it without immediately collecting the guns, it will just take longer, as we have seen.

  2. There are a lot more of those questions asked there than that one you managed to find. Thing is they ask it in the hunting and outdorr recreation sections and the users that regular that part of the website usually mop the floor with them so badly they withdraw the question.

  3. so many really positive and rich answers for that question that even the pro freedom answers there seem pretty tepid

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