Evidence of inflation

I recently purchased some Potassium Chlorate for Boomershoot 2013. The delivered price per pound increased 47% from March of this year. Both the price for the chemical and the cost of shipping increased by nearly the same percentage.

It won’t really affect the next Boomershoot but if the inflation rate were to continue at 47% every nine months (approximately 65%/year) it would cause me considerable concern and change the planning for Boomershoot 2014.


2 thoughts on “Evidence of inflation

  1. Have you been watching the price of milk? A lot of food items have gone along a similar inflation path over the last year or so. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I suppose it’s a good thing for debters– your 200K mortagage balance? You’ll soon be able to pay that off with a week’s paycheck. But your million dollar retirement savings? That will keep you going for a few weeks.

  2. Food items now come in 12.5oz cans rather than 14oz from last year, or 16 oz from 2 years ago.

    Toilet paper cardboard tubes are getting to be larger in diameter.

    Sugar comes in 4 lb, not 5 lb bags now.

    And prices are still up 10%-20% over last year.

    So gas prices are up, food prices are way up, and the consumer price index doesn’t count these items, supposedly because they are too volatile in pricing for useful trend analysis. Unfortunately I still have to drive and eat, so I have to include their price increases in my budget.

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