Interesting shift

From Guns Aren’t the Problem, The NRA is the Problem

A fight against the right of Americans to own guns is one that almost certainly can never be won. But a concerted effort to make gun ownership safer by enacting and strengthening common sense efforts to protect public safety through, for example, closing the gun show loophole and banning bullet clips that hold 100 shells, can and must be won if we want to reduce gun violence in the US. And the way to win that fight is to paint the NRA, which takes advantage of its own members in order to promote a reactionary and dangerous agenda of turning the US into a version of the old Wild West, as the out-of-control villain that it is.

Emphasis added.

It might be all from the same source but I have seen several instances where the anti-gun people are advocating restrictions on 100 round magazines with no mention of a 10 round limit as is the usual threshold for demonic possession.

While that is certain to ease the political resistance to capacity restrictions on firearms the statistics where such magazines played a definitive role in the execution of a crime are going to be exceedingly poor. I would be willing to bet that you will find a much higher correlation to crimes committed by people wearing gray hoodies greater than size XL simultaneously with size 12 or greater Nike shoes than you would to 100 round magazines being correlated to crime.

But don’t expect the facts and logic to be important to these people. It’s about the implicitly admitted long term fight “against the right of Americans to own guns.” The 100 round threshold is the camel’s nose.

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  1. Hmmm… I wonder how this applies to belt-fed firearms? You can have as long a belt as you like, but the box it’s coming out of can only hold a hundred, so you have to daisy-chain a line of ammo boxes together, maybe?

  2. Whatever it takes to get us pondering and arguing figures, statistics, models and features rather than the right itself, they’ll do it.


    It’s an age-old trick. As I’ve pointed out several times, they know exactly how a human right should work, because they have one (and only one) that they defend as such– abortion. It can’t be infringed because some people want to ban it, don’t you know. No camels’ noses allowed there. It would be a slippery slope. A right is a right, and a right cannot be approached (infringed) in any way.

    The Progressives (incremental communists) know exactly what they’re doing.

  3. My memory is that most magazine larger than ~30 are drum magazines. That is, they are distinctively big and round. Thus, it may be slightly harder (psychology) to argue against it. However, a magazine is essentially a large container with an internal spring and push-plate.

    Also, I will note that we may have an instance of the “Overton Window” moving away from new bans on 10-rd magazines. (Hopefully we can remove the NJ/NY/MA version of the current ban rapidly?)

  4. Remember when they all wanted to compromise on gun control? Now they call it having a conversation about gun laws, but it’s the same thing. I don’t recall them ever wanting to compromise or converse at all, though. When did they ever say, “Hey, if you restrict magazine capacity to our super-safe 10-round limit, then we’ll give you 50-State Constitutional Carry?” They ever offer a repeal on NFA in exchange for The Shoulder Thing That Goes UP? No, they did not.

  5. I’m holding out for;
    “We’ll all shut the fuck up and go away if everyone gets liberty.”

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  7. Ooh. Too much “nigger” in that post, and more “fuck” than probably necessary. Seems gratuitous.

    If I’d ever had anything over about 30 that actually worked, I’d care more, but it does chafe my butt that these national socialists want to prevent people wasting their money and having some… fun? frustration? Anyway, maybe one of these genii will come up with a drum that’ll feed well and not puke all over the deck.

  8. Racist much, Chas?

    Anyway, I just wanted to comment on how the media still say “clip” instead of “magazine”. SUrely by now they have been corrected often enough that thaey should know, but they cling to “clip” like a stubborn two-year-old, stamping his foot and screaming, “Is too! Is too!”

  9. I almost always read the comments via the email sent to me by the blog rather than read them directly on the web. Occasionally an email gets caught in a spam trap or is lost. For some reason the email containing the comment by ‘Chas’ didn’t make it through and I am late in responding.

    @Chas, This philosophy of the bloggers and most of the people that comment here is one of individual rights. Advocating the killing of others based upon their skin color, country of origin, or anything other than the individual being an immediate and/or continuing threat to others will receive a very cool reception here. Please take your hate somewhere else.

  10. Can we also comment on the fact that the media STILL believes there is such a thing as the “gun show loophole”(which never really did exist)?!

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