Boomerite from cold packs

Last April Rolf gave me three instant cold packs you buy at the drug or sporting goods store. Yesterday I opened them up:


I poured the prills of ammonium nitrate into a bowl:


The three packs combined gave me 370 grams of AN. I scaled the other components for Boomerite appropriately and mixed as usual:



It made enough to almost fill a 4″ target box:


I put it near the base of a tree and as usual it created a small “smoking” (it’s actually water vapor not smoke) crater when detonated by a .223 bullet:


Update: I did a little poking around online and found that cold packs are not all made equal:

Depending upon which warehouse we fulfill your order from the Ingredients may be: Ammonium Nitrate, Water or Urea, Water. Express orders will be fulfilled with Urea, Water to avoid Hazardous Materials shipping fees. Both products work well for an exceptional quality cold therapy product.

Urea requires processing with some hazardous chemicals (strong acid IIRC) to be made into something that will go boom.

5 thoughts on “Boomerite from cold packs

  1. Alternate source: Peri-Paks contain a lot more prills and they hand those out all the time in the Delivery center at both local hospitals.

  2. I expect that ice packs will get banned any time now, or else the urea-type will be the only ones available.

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