Quote of the day—Jeffrey Singer

Health insurance will soon be extinct. Unlike other members of the species – property and casualty insurance, life insurance, liability insurance, auto insurance – political predators have been steadily killing off health insurance over the years. Soon it will cease to exist, allowing for more intrusive regulation of behavior.

Jeffrey Singer
November 16, 2012
Jeffrey Singer: Health insurance an endangered species
[H/T to Barb L. via email.

I’ve heard it claimed that Obama Care has to have been specifically designed to destroy the health care industry. Singer explains why the health insurance industry will be destroyed.—Joe]

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jeffrey Singer

  1. Private health insurance and health care have coexisted with the public kind where I’m from all my life. There are those that bemoan the fact that there is a two tier health system (rich people can buy things poor people can’t! Injustice!) but the elite make sure they can opt out of the public system. It wouldn’t surprise me if something similar happens under Obamacare.

  2. Obama himself said that they (the communists) wouldn’t be able to arrive at single payer (total government control of the medical industry) all at once; that it would take several steps. There can be no doubt about the motivations. Well here we are. We’ve taken another step, and a major one.

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