Because cowering like rabbits under the desk works so well

Paul C. Duffy has the strangest thoughts. And then he shares them with a letter to the editor:

I was disheartened beyond words to read about a program that offers would-be victims of school shootings alternatives to the traditional lock-down reaction to such crimes.

Canton police Detective Chip Yeaton, who sounds like a caring citizen and father, spoke in support of the proposed school program, called ALICE, which stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate. Yeaton said that “school shootings continue to happen, and young people are dying. We need to change the philosophy.”

Yeaton is right, but his focus is wrong. Our philosophy does indeed need to change: We need to find the real and moral courage to stand down the gun lobbies — the National Rifle Association and other Second Amendment zealots — whose reckless defense of gun rights has led to a society where almost anyone can acquire a Glock 9mm and the ammunition needed to ruin lives and communities in seconds.

What Duffy totally ignores or does not comprehend is that people can acquire a 9mm Glock and the ammunition to defend lives. I realized I’m biased as I have a handgun on my hip as I type this but handguns are designed for and used millions of times each year to defend innocent life. Duffy’s brain is stuck in “prey” mode.

Read Columbine by Dave Cullen. When violent predators attack students at a school cowering under the desk this behavior gives the predator feelings of even greater power and control. They feel justified in killing those who cower beneath them. One of the prime motivators of the Columbine predators was that they believed people were so stupid they didn’t deserve to live. We don’t know what their thoughts were the last couple of hours but it would seem to me their opinions of human intelligence could not have improved as they saw people “hiding” underneath desks and tables and they strolled from person to person and shot them.

I kept wondering if the Boston Globe got the letter writers name wrong. Maybe it was actually “Fluffy” instead of “Duffy”. And the ‘C’ stands for Cottontail.

Duffy advocates being a coward in the face of a single criminal predator but “courage” while advocating people “stand down the gun lobbies”. He should think this through. Suppose he does “stand down the gun lobbies”. Then what? Is he going to start confiscating firearms from people? I would like to point out that Fluffy Duffy should be happy he has the gun lobby. They are what separate him from the 80 million gun owners in this country. Rabbits are no match for hunters.

Update: Sebastian also comments with Oh Noes! Freedom!


7 thoughts on “Because cowering like rabbits under the desk works so well

  1. As Mike Vanderboegh said here: “Your mistake is in thinking that the NRA and the GOP protected US, whereas they were actually protecting YOU. As long as there was a reasonable expectation of deflecting the further seizure of our liberty and our property by political means, we were content to let the NRA and GOP play the game. Now, nothing separates you from both us and the unintended consequences of your actions.”

    On a (very) related note, he also said: “Try to take our guns and we will kill you.”

    Duffy needs to think this through a little bit further.

    If he still thinks its a “good” idea then: ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ.

  2. “We need to find the real and moral courage to stand down the gun lobbies — the National Rifle Association and other Second Amendment zealots”

    I am always surprised by the antis apparent belief that guns are popular because of the NRA. I liked to shoot before I had ever heard of the NRA, and the NRA doesn’t use its scary mind control ray on me and millions of other shooters to force us to spend gigabucks on guns and gear. If the NRA evaporated tonight another organization would replace it tomorrow. The NRA and other 2nd amendment lobbies exist because we like to shoot.

    If Duffy and his friends ever succeed in eliminating our rights I hope, as he is loaded into the cattle car, he will experience a moment of clarity. Hope, but don’t expect.

  3. “…reckless defense of gun rights…”

    Cute. The very founding of the United States then, was a “reckless” defense of liberty.

  4. Re not recognizing positive and protective uses of guns. Presumably if Duffy were to consider knives and sticking knives in people, he would want them to be removed from society as well, and to that end would demonstrate outside of hospitals against surgeons sticking knives in people.

  5. Doesn’t the NRA only have something like 4 million members while there are probably 90-100 million gun owners in America. They don’t seem to be controlling all of us with their intense corporate mind control rays if they can only scrounge up that level of membership. So no, it is not the fault of the NRA. Plenty of gun owners vote against gun grabbing politicians without being in the NRA. Nice boogeyman. Instead, why doesn’t Duffy try out the idea that 1 out of 3 Americans have a gun.

    Easy to get a gun? Apparently Duffy has not tried to buy one or he wouldn’t utter that nonsense. I finally got a shotgun today after waiting ten days for it, despite already having one. This is after my federal paperwork and background check cleared on my pristine history. Is some whack job or drug addict going to get a gun. Absolutely, happens all the time through theft or illicit purchases and trades. That right there is a good enough reason for me, the law-abiding, tax-paying, decent citizen and family man to have a firearm to protect me and mine.

    If he wants to end school shootings, have armed security patrols and citizens concealed-carrying and the next SOB will get off just a few shots before being made ineligible for the Census.

    Duffy, is this what passes for intelligent thought? I pity you.

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