If they were roses I would understand

Thursday morning I found this on the stairway to my clock tower:


Those are six taco shells carefully placed on six steps. I have no idea what the story on those were. Had they been roses I kinda sorta would have guessed what they meant. But since they look like burnt taco shells I’m baffled.

6 thoughts on “If they were roses I would understand

  1. Depending on the part of town you live in, Anthony might have guessed correctly, but if the Islamic population is high around there, I might suggest this entertain the local rozzers. Also, it is a rat attractant, so at the least, who ever left them must have had feeding the vermin in your building in mind.

  2. Hmmm, burnt taco shells on the steps to your clock tower… Time to go full tinfoil.

    Let’s start with the word “taco.”

    As you can see, “taco” is made up of two parts: “tac” and “o”. “Tac” is short for “tactical” and “O” is a common nickname for Pres. Obama.

    Now, they aren’t actual “tacos”, as in ready to eat full of spicy meaty goodness, but are just the empty shells. Empty shells plainly represent empty rifle casings such as are found at your range. Further, the shells were “burnt”, which is street slang for betrayed to the opposition.

    Putting it all together, the only rational explanation is that you are being warned that your clock tower rifle range activities have been “burned” to the authorities and Pres. O’s tac teams are taking “steps” against you.

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