I found a new use for a KitchenAid mixer

For several years I have been using KitchenAid mixers for Boomershoot. We have made several tons of explosives with them. They work great.

Today I bought another mixer and brought it home to my clock tower. It turns out they can be used for other things as well as explosives:


I made a big batch of lentil chocolate chip cookies this afternoon with it. It’s not Boomerite but it still did a great job.

9 thoughts on “I found a new use for a KitchenAid mixer

  1. BTW -when I made them a while back for the first time, the daughter’s comment was, without any prompting, “interesting.” Most people who have tried them like them.

  2. Lentil chocolate chips. Interesting combination. I presume the lentils are precooked. Do they substitute for oatmeal or raisins?

  3. Ok, that’s not the standard beater attachment. Knowing you work the hell out of your Kitchenaid, I’d love to know which aftermarket one you use.

  4. Joe, Laughingdog – IIRC, we DID try the paddle with the beater-blade with a silicone rubbery spatula-like edge that goes much closer to the bowel, but it had mixed results… er, pardon the pun (that one WAS actually an accident)… to clarify, it was not obvious it worked any better, and had a minor build-up problem with caked glycol and stuff, so we switched back to the standard beater-blade.

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