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Increasing taxes won’t increase their total tax revenue. Politicians have tried this for decades. It doesn’t work. The only way to increase tax revenue is for the economy to grow… and higher tax rates do not pave this path to prosperity.

Ron Paul was spot on. Economic ignorance abounds. And all the Talking Heads in the mainstream media blathering away about the Fiscal Cliff are only reinforcing his premise.

Bottom line– the Fiscal Cliff doesn’t matter. The US passed the point of no return a long time ago.

Simon Black
Guess what they’re NOT cutting in the Fiscal Cliff…
November 15, 2012
[H/T Tyler Durden.

I’m headed for a cabin in the woods this weekend. What are you doing?—Joe]

5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Simon Black

  1. Many citizens are stupid, but more are just ignorant.

    The politician who awakes the electorate to the understanding that a decrease in rate of growth of spending is NOT a spending cut, and an increase in tax rates is NOT a guarantee of more revenues, has a bright future.

  2. If there are many who understand that, they’re not being heard. Most of the Republicans, and most of the pundits and talk show hosts. Are still talking about the numbers representing the “cost” (to the treasury) of the Bush tax cuts. They’re either brain damaged or thoroughly mesmerized. There is no serious discussion taking place. All are playing games.

  3. @BobG, It was a cabin that I rented for one night. No cell phone service. No Internet connection. It rained almost the entire time. Barb L. and I went on hike but most of the time we just talked and enjoyed each other’s company.

  4. I was listening to NPR for a few minutes this evening. Marketplace. They had a segment on the Fiscal Cliff and, asked, with a straight face and what sounded like real confusion, why people objected so much to paying taxes. Seriously. I had to pick my jaw up. They appeared to be serious. The guest said it was a political contrivance (true enough) because of a century of never really defending taxation. Seriously. Starts around the 17 minute mark. Just amazing. Mind boggling. A brain from another planet, with a view of history and economics that is utterly at odds with anything that makes sense to me.

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