Interesting times

Observe Greece to see what our future looks like… Greek Brothel To Sponsor Broke Elementary School:

This is what complete social collapse looks like. First, the local Neo Nazi party has soared in the polls and is now the third most popular Greek party. Then, in lieu of other sources of capital, a local brothel became the head sponsor of a minor-league soccer club from Larissa. Now, the same brothel which appears to have seen a substantial return on its advertising spend, has decided to branch out… straight into a local elementary school. That’s right: a whorehouse is advertising its “services” to children in an elementary school. In exchange for what? Money to purchase a Xerox machine and a library.

3 thoughts on “Interesting times

  1. There are those who believe we have a matter of only weeks before all hell breaks loose. I figure we have months, but who really knows? I suppose that “all hell” is in the mind and so for some, life under the best of political and social/economic times is hell.

  2. At least they (the whores) are honest about what they do, they will take your money and screw you, and they will tell you that straight to your face. Unlike the politicians.

  3. The US is a whole lot bigger than Greece. It will take longer to fall but fall much harder when it does.

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