Quote of the day—Mike Lubrecht

[I]t’s widely known that anyone carrying a Glock has mental issues. In fact, I’m surprised that potential Glock owner’s aren’t disqualified by default when filling out the 4473 form!

Mike Lubrecht
November 1, 2012
WA-CCW email list.
[I find this funny even if I disagree with it.

Let the flame war begin.—Joe]


15 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mike Lubrecht

  1. But, but, but… what if he’s actually BUYING a glock … technically he doesn’t OWN one yet, does he have mental issues at that point? Does he automatically “get” a mental problem when he finally takes possession of it (after the requisite wait time, unless he’s got a CPL in some states)…

    Oh this could go SO many ways.

    You’re right. It is hilarious even if one doesn’t agree with it, which I don’t either, and I am not a fan of Glock one way or the other.

  2. Well I must have mental issues then. We know that a lot of cops have mental issues too, and many of them carry Glocks. Causation? Which comes first, the mental issues or the Glock? Since the antis believe that the gun causes mental problems including violent crime, we’ll have to go with the latter. The Glock emitts crazy rays, which penetrate the owner’s brain and cause pathology. I know it happens with pistol grips on long gons. Our Congress says so. See Public Health Disclosure here;

  3. All I know is my Glock goes “bang” when I pull the trigger and sits quietly in its holster otherwise. Guess I have too many mental issues to realize that that’s not a good thing.

    Oh – wait….

  4. I’ve owned a 17, 19, 22 & 23. Probably put 4K rds downrange and I don’t compete. They go Bang when required.

    Lets put it this way: if you marry for form, not function, you are stupid also…

  5. I had several stoppages with my G20 on Saturday if it makes anyone feel any better. Could be the new Lone Wolf barrel, or it could be the perfectly spec’d Hornady 180 XTP reloads, but it wants to fail to load into full battery sometimes and I have to use the forward assist (bump the back of the slide). The new heavy recoil spring didn’t completely solve the issue. So maybe it’s just not Glocky enough of a Glock to Glock all the time, if you Glock my meaning. Maybe I should Glock it up to full Glockyness so it will Glock as Glockily as a Glock should Glock. When it’s oiled up nicely it runs fine, but a really Glocky Glock should Glock all the time without being so finiky.

    On the bright side; my muzzleloader “ran” 100% (we have to say “ran”, “run” and “running” now or we’re not cool gunnies, don’t you know) and it’s not even a Glock. It’ll spit out anything you stuff down it. It goes bang every five minutes (that’s its approximate cyclic rate– 1/5 RPM or 1 RP5M) no matter what. I’m running Remington #11 caps, which it likes better than the CCI caps I was running on it a few years ago.

  6. I used to carry a Glock, but….I got better.

    Lyle-I note in comments on the Lone Wolf site that the glowing raves are for non-10mm barrels. Unfavorable reviews are almost all for the 10mm barrels.

  7. No problems with my Glock 10mm (model 20) that are not likely caused by my reloads when I’m experimenting or using as practice known-marginal quality bullets. I’ve got a Lone Wolf long barrel, but only used it once (with no problems so far). Also got a .357 Sig and 40 S&W barrel for it, which I’ve not tested yet. If I do have problems, I’ll get a couple of different recoil springs and see how that changes things.

  8. Lyle
    Chamber & manually cycle a few loaded rounds then check the bullets for marks from the lands. Smoking the bullets beforehand may help you see the marks if any. A lot of “accuracy’ barrels have pretty short throats (less than saami). If your bullets are hitting the lands then there are going to be cycling issues (as well as some potentially “interesting” pressures). If they are hitting the lands then you may be able to find a ‘smith w/ a throating reamer or seat your bullets a bit shorter or go to a different profile bullet. One w/ the ogive a bit further back.

  9. JIR; that’s worth looking at again. I did plunk loaded rounds into the chamber with the barrel removed, and they plop right in, case head below the end of the breech, indicating head space. But now that you and Rolf bring it up; I lied, so to speak. My new star line cases are slightly longer than the listed trim length, so technically they aren’t exactly in spec. The COL is though, and it’s consistent to within two or three thou. My COL is right on, and the crimp OK, but the headspace may be less than ideal. For another thing, I should run some factory rounds through it and see how those go.

    I got the Wolf barrel with plans to use cast 200 grain bullets, and because I was seeing some excessive bulging of soft new cases at the feed ramp area, and I know for sure that the new barrel has more support there, which in turn means that is has less fudge room for feeding.

  10. His comment needs more context. It’s a garbage comment, Glocks are as accurate and reliable as any other military/police/self-defense gun. What he should have said was Taurus Judge.

  11. Pistols are like pieces of tail: no such thing as a bad one; some(Sigs,CZ’s) are better than others, but there’s no bad ones(‘cept may Highline).

    Only question I have is why do so many Glock owners brag about how good their piece shoots after being dropped in the mud? I try very hard NOT to drop my Sig 226 or my CZ in the mud!

  12. Wow think of the tens… no hundreds of thousands of crazy government employees running around the country.

  13. That my Glock 9mm is deemed insufficiently powerful, aesthetically unpleasing, ergonomically unsatisfactory to operate, generic to an extreme and lacking in safety features bothers me not at all.

    I learned to drive in a manual transmission VW minibus, after all, and so those characteristics seem normal to me.

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