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We need gun control. Obama, if you’re reading, which I know you are of course, it’s time to tackle gun control now that your second term is in the bag. Be a badass. Do it.

I got carded at Dominick’s the other day for buying natural cough medicine. Ingredients? Honey and eucalyptus – a real meth lab waiting to happen. We live in a world where cough medicine is regulated, where you need a license to fish and in most states, women have to endure mandatory waiting periods for a certain medical procedure. Our cars have to pass emission inspections. Restaurants have to adhere to health codes. But guns? Oh, you just buy those and toss ’em in your closet for your kids to find, sell them on the black market or twirl them around your thumbs like Yosemite Sam. Root ’em toot ’em! Guns are dangerous and yet remain highly unregulated.

Jenna Myers Karvunidis
November 7, 2012
Obama second term: Gun control

She recognizes being carded for honey and eucalyptus is silly but rather than call for an end to that she demands guns, a specific enumerated right, be more regulated than they already are.

From a legal standpoint governments have the power to, and do, regulate honey and eucalyptus. There is even a good chance they could ban both and no court would overturn it (the voters probably would be different story). A specific enumerated right such as your religion, speech, reading material, firearms, a speedy trial, right to legal counsel, and right to not incriminate yourself? Not so much.

But she is from Chicago, you shouldn’t expect her to understand freedom and rights.—Joe]


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  1. Basically all of her claims are false, you must show ID to buy a firearm from a dealer. Mandatory waiting periods for women’s “medical procedures” were found unconstitutional a long time ago. You only have to emission test cars in certain areas and only if you operate them on the public roads.

  2. We are dealing with people that should be hit over the head with a rolled up copy of the Constitution.

    The Bill of Rights is not an a la carte menu. You get to embrace all of them, including the Second Amendment.

    It is tiresome to see them treat the right of self-defense (against criminals or a corrupt government) as something that does not exist.
    We fought our revolution against England to get relief from a tyrannical government and it was sparked by their attempt to seize our arms.

    The premise that easily available firearms leads to violence has been disproved.
    In the not too distant past, firearms were available for purchase everywhere, and we were just fine.
    Change like the rise of gangs with the drug war and our less strict justice system have been factors.

    If she thinks that the POTUS can be a “badass” about gun control, it will not turn out as she desires.
    Perhaps the next POTUS would be a badass and persecute people like her who buy natural cough medicine.
    She could always depend on the Constitution to protect her then…oh wait, nope no hope there.
    Careful what you wish for lady.
    Advocate for a lawless, imperial president and the next one may find you to be a revolting peasant.

  3. Slight correction to the honey and eucalyptus analysis: all laws passed in the US must at least have a rational basis to exist. The government could not ban something without any reason whatsoever, since it would not hold up under rational review in court. Nevertheless, the standards for rational review are extremely lax, so having a weak reason would still validate the law.

  4. I always wonder why these Idiots think that Banning what THEY don’t like is “Good,” but they have a Hissy if YOU try to Ban something that they like. What is wrong with their Brain Chemistry that they can’t connect their Neurons that ‘Banning” in and of itself can be “Bad”.

  5. So far at least, you don’t have to pass an FBI background check to buy cough drops. You don’t have to remember to remove your cough drops from your purse before entering certain areas lest you be thrown to the ground, hand cuffed and arrested. You don’t need special training to use cough drops safely and effectively. You don’t even need to be mentally competent to buy cough drops, or to write ignorant emails and letters to jug-eared narcissist thug politicians from Chicago.

  6. She is right. Something needs to be done. Call your congressman to get these laws change. No way in hell should anyone be carded for buying cough drops. This is America, dammit!

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