Time for a serious conversation

I received a text message this morning:

Are you free sometime this weekend? I feel the need for a long, serious conversation.

My first thought was, “OH NO! What did I do this time?”

Then I realized there was the potential for another reason. I responded with:

Topic? Politics? Personal?

I guessed right. It was the election:


We will have our conversation. We’ll increase our odds and probably do okay. The rest of the world? I’m skeptical. As Thomas Sowell has said via Twitter recently:

Our economic problems worry me much less than our political solutions, which have a far worse track record.

The road to despotism is paved with “fairness.”

No society ever thrived because it had a large and growing class of parasites living off those who produce.

Or as Say Uncle said:

Moochers gonna mooch.

And as I have said many times, the looters are soon going to run out of places to loot. And I don’t plan on hanging around when that happens. I just hope I can get most of my possessions and all of those I care about out of harms way.


7 thoughts on “Time for a serious conversation

  1. If you’re not helping to row the boat, you’re dead weight. The dead weight just told the rowers to speed it up.

  2. “OH NO! What did I do this time?”

    Well, you could have been lending someone your strength and sensitivity 😉

    Where is that mike troll guy? What happened to him?

  3. Is this coincidence? I have a good friend, a shooting student, who is getting quickly and totally immersed in bunker mentality. Are all the intelligent women of the country headed this way? If so, it could be a very strong force for change.

  4. Good point, Rivrdog, maybe things will turn. Men tend to have the values women want them to have, which is where the saying, “If women would stop sleeping with jerks, men would stop being jerks” came from. I hope what you say is true, that there are enough leftist women out there who have borne sons and, and now that they are trying to help them become good, productive and happy members of society, are starting to recognize the unfairness to THEIR boys, which was invisible to them when it wasn’t PERSONAL, so now things gotta change.

    Darrel, as I’ve said, sometimes government is the jockey, but usually it’s just the saddle.

  5. Naw; leftist women want their sons to grow up and be like their de facto husband, Barak Obama, or someone like Ted Kennedy, or a pop music star or actor, or at the very least a university professor, lawyer or lower level politician, always looking to their mommy for guidance and support. If their sons become entrepreneurs and go into business, mommy will feel rejected and betrayed.

  6. @Rivrdog, In my case it is a man that wants the “serious conversation”, not a woman. That isn’t to say that there aren’t a lot of women thinking along the same lines. But in this particular case it is not.

  7. I really like Western Washington (as I’ve mentioned Joe) wish land was cheaper here.

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