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I was inspired by comments on a Facebook page (Annette Wachter’s) about considering moving to another state such as Idaho, Wyoming, or South Dakota and I added my random thought:

I’m thinking I would like to move a little further away. The moon sounds nice. Or maybe Mars. I wouldn’t need any wind doping skills on the moon but I think I want a little more gravity so my bones don’t weaken to the point I couldn’t return to earth if I really wanted to sort through the wreckage in a decade or so.

I had a rough day today. Not nearly enough sleep last night then some lawyer/divorce stuff to deal with on top of the election results. It’s time to go to bed and pull the covers over my head for a few hours. I’ll feel better in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. Joe, I’ve been thinking for a while that people in search of greater freedom should, upon selecting an alternate state in which to live, write a letter to the Governor and Treasurer/Comptroller of the one they are leaving.
    Perhaps something like this: “For X reason, I’ve had to move to a different state. I’ve had some discretion in my choices, but I placed economic and firearm freedom at the top of the criteria that drove my final decision. Just so you know, every year I generate X dollars in private sector economic activity, X dollars in state income tax, x dollars in property tax, x dollars in sales tax. All of that is now revenue lost forever. I am a productive citizen, and during my residence in your state, I’ve felt my financial security and personal freedoms gradually encroached upon until I could stand it no longer. Exercising my right to vote at the polling station failed to stem the tide of these infringements, so I’ve cast my final vote – with my feet.”

  2. Well, after seeing the State-by-State Election Results Maps, and digging into some stats, it’s looking like the NorthEast Liberal States can now “set their Border Markers” at the Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and North Carolina State lines. So, if I can ever afford to get rid of my place, this Guy is heading West of the Mississippi before the Landmines get planted!

  3. I’ve been thinking of moving to a different State from Minnesota. I don’t have a vehicle capable of the flight to the moon or Mars. If I did, they would be prime choices. As it is, I’m looking for someplace that is still recognizable as America. Minnesota seems to be developing a Chicago style corrupt political machine. I used to think we at least had honest and fair elections.

  4. Come on out to South Dakota! We’ve got plenty of room for Boomershoot, and we have some of the fairest gun laws in the country. Corbon and Black Hills Ammunition are located with 40 miles of where I presently reside, and there’s plenty to do when it comes to traditional outdoors things (hiking, camping, etc.) We’d love to have ya!

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