Theory v. reality

There are lots of things that are true enough in general that one is tempted to claim more extensive application is valid. In general this is harmless and the exceptions to the general rule will be handled appropriately. But in the case of enabling government power to enforce what sounds like a good idea you can end up enabling poor law and even evil. Our “war on drugs” is but one example.

Joe Waldron from the WA-CCW email list and long time lobbyist for for CCRKBA gives us the following example and how it was defeated early and decisively:

Several years ago, a City Attorney from a small town north of Seattle tried to interest legislators in a bill that would make possession of a firearm in a public place, while under the influence of alcohol, an offense in itself. He asked the gun lobby for support. We agreed that alcohol and guns do not mix. So we offered to support the bill… provided that the day it took effect, he would accompany us to every cop bar in town and arrest those in violation.

The bill never got introduced.