Quote of the day—Rox Allen Kerby

#OpenCarry starts on Thursday. This is the equivalent of Rednecks getting to walk around with their dong out! #NotStoked #RedStateBullShit

Rox Allen Kerby
October 29, 2012
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[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

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4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rox Allen Kerby

  1. Open Carry became legal in Oklahoma last Thursday for those who have CCW licenses.

    It’s been pretty quiet at the local Walmart.

  2. The more I think about it, the more I find myself believing that the “guns = penises” argument isn’t just juvenile snark. Rather, it seems to me that it is a large portion of why they hate gun owners.

    From what I can tell, it is partially due to differing ideas about sex. Most people on the Right tend to think of sex in Aristotelian terms. That is, sex is a significant part of human life, but it’s interconnected with the rest of human life, much of which is actually more significant than sex itself. The Left tends to view sex in a Platonic idealistic sense: as something disconnected from the rest of life, that should be available to all regardless of the other circumstances of their lives.

    For example, imagine a conservative and a Leftist both going into a biker bar. Both notice that the most hardcore of the bikers tend to be awash in the attention of women. The conservative, even if he’s the wimpiest Republican accountant imaginable, will understand what’s going on: bikers tend to have rather risky lives–due both to the inherent riskiness of riding a glorified bicycle at 90 miles an hour down mountain trails, and also due to the hard-drinking, hard-fighting ways associated with that lifestyle–and thus tend to be the kind of manly men that women like. The Leftist, even if in the abstract he likes the rebellious air in the bar, will wonder why women would be attracted to someone who wastes his time working in a garage on a bike, when they could be having glorious sex instead.

    Carrying a weapon is nowhere near as risky as the biker lifestyle, but it’s done by far more people, which is why the Left is more opposed to guns than they are to motorcycles–although, judging from their enthusiasm for helmet laws, they seem to be closet anti-bikers as well. If being a biker, or a combat soldier, or a daredevil makes you the sexual equivalent of the Wehrmacht, just carrying a gun makes you a sexual Switzerland–not a powerhouse, but sufficiently confident and independent to hold your own and prosper.

  3. Ken is right, everything boils down to what does the person do to attract sex partners, and if it isn’t marching in protests to get beaned by the cops, it isn’t a legitimate means of attraction that should be regulated out of existence. What Ken says about bikers is true even in Europe where society is licensed and regulated and controlled until it is otherwise lifeless, biker culture is thriving as someplace to take risks. Nude beaches are thriving, too, and I guess they prove the rest of Ken’s argument as the elements of sexual attraction are stripped to their most basic for all to see (sorry). No incomprehnsible working on a motorbike in a freezing garage for them.

  4. While I’m certain that Oklahomans didn’t have me in mind when they legalized open carry, I’ll still treat the fact that Oklahoma now has legal open carry as a wonderful, unexpected present that took effect during the month in which I celebrate my birth.

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