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What happened since the 1960s is that capitalism morphed towards socialism by accepting all those rules on enterprise which the gov’t wrote, and socialist governments got used to the capitalist bribes, and learned to relax the rules at the right times to promote “welfare capitalism”.

A third political force, libertarianism, sprang up to replace pure capitalism with it’s property rights-driven theory, and a fourth force, Marxism, arose to inject pure collectivism back into what used to be socialism.

The entire process is like watching clouds form and dissipate over the mountains.

November 2, 2012
Comment to Capitalism v. Socialism
[I really like the metaphor.—Joe]


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  1. Upon reading the first sentence, I was immediately reminded of I these two videos of Margaret Thatcher posted to a forum last night. The first is in 1977, and she is discussing the previous decades economic happenings (and the political philosophies behind them):

    The second is in 1990, where again she is discussing the previous decade’s economic happenings and the political philosophies behind them:

    History may not actually repeat itself…but it certainly seems to rhyme a lot.

  2. Good and evil, if you like.

    Life and death.

    But no one wants simple answers.

    Complexity gives us a place to hide.

  3. +Lyle+, to use reloader terms. The K.I.S.S. principle, or the Principle of Parsimony for you engineers, is THE most important piece of logic.

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