The world’s best gun salesman

If you own stock in a gun manufacturer you might want thank President Obama:


From Chart Of The Day: Sturm, Ruger’s Revenues.

Some people just don’t understand unintended consequences (from October 13, 2008):

Sarah and Jim Brady and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence with its network of Million Mom March Chapters endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President and Senator Joseph Biden for Vice President today, and urged Americans to vote for them.

From looking at the chart and the date of the Brady Campaign endorsement announcement it’s clear the Brady Campaign causes gun sales.* Lots of gun sales.

*I’m just mocking them. Of course I know correlation does not necessarily mean causation.


4 thoughts on “The world’s best gun salesman

  1. To be fair, that graph is skewed by all the “quantitative easing” that has been going on…

  2. People sense, from looking at the direction we’ve been headed for several decades, that we’re headed in the direction of civil war. We’ve abandoned our core American Principles, and that can only mean destruction.

  3. So…in a nutshell:

    For All the conventional wisdom, all the dollars spent, all the blood, tears, toil, sweat, lost sleep, and gasoline/jet fuel/diesel expended on the campaign trail, we have:

    The same socialist/Chicago gangster/thug/ineptocrat in the white house,
    The Senate is also pretty much unchanged…one additional Democrat/socialist/thug/gangster…
    The House is slightly more Republican than it was…

    All at a sunk cost of about a billion dollars and a great deal of hope/prayer/threats/cajoling/arguing/division.

    I’ve been fairly well aware of presidential politics and campaigns since the election of JFK…and never in my lifetime can I recall this country being so divided against itself.

    Now…the immediate problems at hand include:

    -hitting the currently authorized Debt Ceiling
    -Tax breaks with expiration dates that are imminent
    -Sequestration of a very large portion of the Defense budget while troops are in harm’s way…
    -The Dem controlled EPA trying to issue new regulations to effectively stop all oil and gas production and administratively implement a “cap and trade” scheme that in combination will cause transportation, factory operation, and home heating costs to skyrocket, including transportation costs for food and raw materials…
    -implementation and the start of actual functioning of Obamacare, which (in addition to forcing a good many doctors into early retirement or friendlier countries) will jack up healthcare costs for small business unpredictably but significantly, to the point that they will continue to be reluctant to hire any new employees…
    …plus the regime attempting to force religious and charitable institutions (as well as individuals and businesses of all sizes) to fund abortion in all forms and at all stages upon demand, in violation of conscience and freedom of religion.

    The main factors causing the paralysis of the economy are the uncertainties of regulation, taxation, energy costs, and business policy that make it almost impossible for businesses small and large to plan coherently and therefor invest effectively in either manpower or physical plant…

    I’m far beyond disgusted.

    The Democrats now have four years in which to change:
    • the definition of “hate speech” to include the content of any internet video…and to pack you off to jail if you insult Mohammed…it’s been done as we speak.
    • voting laws and voter registration rules,
    • voting districts,
    • immigration/amnesty/naturalization policy,
    • Supreme Court Justices,
    • Gun laws,
    • taxation and regulation,
    • and the administrative scope and authority of the bureaucracy including
    • homeland security,
    • environmental protection,
    • foreign policy,
    • the fiscal and monetary policy and thereby the value of the dollar,
    • internet security and monitoring, and
    • the power and pervasiveness of Unions that will require their membership to contribute dues which will then be cycled into the Democratic party campaign coffers.

    I fear for what’s left of the Republic.

    Also, I’m an engineer by training, not a doctor, philosopher or theologian….
    I approach things as a logical sequence of steps, observable cause and effect, events and consequences.

    So I challenge anyone…
    …tell me what’s wrong with my logic here, if you can:

    • Human life begins at conception (fertilization) or implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterine wall…take your pick.
    • If you believe otherwise, then please state, explain, and defend your position that human life begins at some other point…if you can.
    • After that point, unless interfered with, or unless there’s a severe defect or accident, the result will in most cases be the delivery of a living human child.
    • Other than natural phenomena, that which actively or passively, deliberately terminates a human life is by definition manslaughter, or murder, or negligent homicide…a death has been caused.
    • If one person pays another to kill someone, the payer is as guilty of murder as the trigger person.
    • If ten, or one hundred, or one thousand people contribute to pay for that killing, they are in principle and fact, guilty of at least conspiracy to commit murder/manslaughter.
    • If Obamacare takes tax dollars or insurance premium dollars from me, from my church, or from my employer on my behalf, and transfers those dollars
    to someone to provide for the abortion of a growing fetus (which is the Latin word for baby, and not the name of an internal parasite), then logically and morally,
    the government is compelling me by force (the IRS will bring guns and arrest me if I refuse to pay taxes and penalties under Obamacare) to participate in a conspiracy which results in a death, manslaughter or murder or negligent homicide, which is a violation of my belief and conscience…
    • and I have no mechanism to opt out or refuse the collection of those funds for that purpose.

    Therefore, I also fear for my immortal soul…if you don’t believe you have one of those, that’s your prerogative …but no one has the right to tell me that I don’t have one.

    Some of the freedoms that the American people have just voted away in the last two presidential elections were purchased and maintained with blood for generations, and are highly unlikely to be restored without further bloodshed…I’m just sayin’, not threatening.

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