From NRA Recovers 1.3 Million Dollars in Attorneys’ Fees For Work on Supreme Court McDonald Case and Related Cases:

NRA has now recovered fees in excess of 1.3 million dollars. So for losing the cases, Chicago and the other cities involved paid a total of over 1.7 million dollars to firearms civil rights groups.
In September 2012, the NRA filed another Motion for Supplemental Attorneys’ Fees. By that motion, the NRA is now seeking attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred in litigating its original motion for attorneys’ fees. Because these fees and expenses were not included in the amount of the August fee award, Chicago and Oak Park will most likely be writing more checks to the NRA!

The wages of the sins of Chicago and other cities are to pay those that represent their victims. I would prefer the individuals that made the stupid decisions to use the power of government to infringe upon specific enumerated rights had to compensate the victims directly and then spend time in prison as per 18 USC 242. But it is a huge improvement over the situation of 15 years ago.

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  1. Good! They are welcome back to Illinois any time to sue the City of Aurora for its insane AWB, and the whole state in general over the FOID and CCW bans. At this point, if Romeny wins, I want the NRA to put together a a division of lawyers who do nothing but draft lawsuits against the State of Illinois and various cities within her.

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