Moral Issue

Posit; Your kid is suspected of having knowledge of other kids smoking pot.  Your kid’s school wants your kid to talk to some lying, immoral cops who lie every day as a matter of course and brag about it.  Your wife says No– that we aren’t going to talk to cops like that.  What about talking to some other cop from another jurisdiction?

I say that it is none of any cop’s business whatsoever.  If we’re going to talk morals, a teenager trying pot is no business of anyone on Earth except for the kid and the parents.  Further; the fact that pot was made illegal is in and of itself immoral, and unconstitutional.  The cops’ only possible interest in “talking” with said teenager is so they can harm other people  besides.  There is no victim  except for the “perpetrator” himself, and hence there is no moral obligation whatsoever to talk to cops and possibly thereby to allow them to harm other people.  All the parents in town already know.

Now say that the school threatens to suspend said teenager if said teenager does not talk to some cop or other.  What then?  I say that doing the right thing isn’t always the easy thing.  I say to hell with all of them– let them suspend said teenager.

We had a kid in our community kill himself a while back over this exact sort of thing, and with this recent case there is talk of it again.  There is talk of other kids beating the crap out of one of the kids for “snitching”, and talk of him committing suicide.  All because you nasty, sick, evil, broken, twisted sacks of shit maintaining our drug laws, enabling and enriching violent criminal trafficking networks and torturing innocent kids for being curious, and you in the public schools playing right along with it, going straight to the cops at the drop of a hat.  Shame on you all.

You cops out there; you had better think long and hard about the damage and destruction you’re perpetuating.  Make the right choice– knock it off or get out.  I have no sympathy for you, as you knew you’d have to hurt innocent people as a regular part of the job.  You were set up just as all of us have been set up, but you KNOW IT.  So FIX IT!  You’re as guilty as any drug gang kingpin unless you knock it off right now (they couldn’t exist without you).  The law doesn’t make you right and you know it.  Plus you swore an Oath, remember?  I’ll hold you to it you stupid bastards.  Don’t give me the crap about the thin blue line either– YOU are making the trouble here.  You want to be treated like a damned hero?  Fuck You, then act like one.  Stand up for what’s right even if you pay a price for it.  THAT’S a hero.  Turds.  You really are dispicable.

We’ve already had the talk in our home about how evil laws result in people suspecting each other, fearing each other, hating each other, in violence, in ruined lives, the militarizaion of our law enforcement and all the rest.

Washington state a measure on the ballot.  Best you look into and right now.  I deleted the stuff I wrote about shooting cops in the face.  For now.  Anyway; shooting cops in the face is probably not the best way to get people to understand.  For now.  And so I will speak out against it unless there becomes a time wherein there is no other choice.

ETA, 11-01-12;  The cops, through a round about set of circumstances, including a parent telling the school principle that there’s no way their kid is talking to the cops, have stood down.  They’re leaving the matter in the hands of the school admin.  So I have to hand it to them– for whatever reason, they’ve done the right thing.  For now.

5 thoughts on “Moral Issue

  1. You may be amazed to find the number of pro-gun people who are very much in favor of keeping drugs illegal.

    There’s a huge block of pro-gun people for whom guns is the only liberty that they care about and don’t see that the others matter just as much.

  2. “Now say that the school threatens to suspend said teenager if said teenager does not talk to some cop or other. What then? I say that doing the right thing isn’t always the easy thing. I say to hell with all of them– let them suspend said teenager.”

    I say sue the school for violation of constitutional rights. sec 1983 action with damages and attorney’s fees.

  3. SPQR; That was being discussed, but since the cops are washing their hands of the matter, it comes down to probable suspension due to an alleged possession on school grounds with no evidence other than word of mouth.

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