Quote of the day—GiGi

@linoge_wotc I can see from your stockpile of guns and photos of guns that you have a VERY SMALL PENIS!

GiGI (‏@gigimorgan10)
Tweeted October 18, 2012
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

H/T Linoge via Twitter.

Her statement presumes facts not in evidence. I think a citation is needed. Or, more likely, she has crap for brains.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—GiGi

  1. It’s projection, in a way. Someone obsessed with sex is assuming they can use sexual insults to get to you, to dissuade you from exercising a basic right. They fail to see that they end up looking utterly stupid on three counts.

  2. You know, if we Gunnies use our weapons because we might have to fight with them, and it’s because of “Small Penises,” does that mean the UnArmed Anti-Gunner uses their HUGE Penises in Hand-to-Hand-Combat?

    And of course, under their Mindset, to enter the Police Academy or the Military, every Male must be less than 2 inches in length. (One inch for the SEALS).

    But with the possibility of the New York Metro Area turning into Katrina-era New Orleans, I’m sure they’ll be fine calling on their Jammed Cell Phones to the “All Lines are Busy” 911 System to get the NYPD to their Loft to hold off the “Troubled Inner City Youth” who decided to “Rape and Plunder.” After all, they have got “10 Inches of Manhood” to protect themselves, right?

  3. @Bubblehead Les: I think that they should try telling Navy SEALS that they are not well-endowed. That would not end well. SMACK!

    Hmm…so first insulting us sexually is the way to start off a good “conversation” about gun control. It doesn’t work that way.

    They are so confused.

    They HATE us and what we represent (or they are envious and/or are projecting their own deficiencies).

    Then they want to try to sound reasonable so they can engage us and undermine our rights incrementally and quite transparently.
    Moderated comments, deleting embarrassing statements, and their whole-scale massacre of facts and statistics makes this silly.

    Add on a healthy dose of unearned indignation and feigned moral superiority “for caring” and they are simply insufferable.
    There is to be no compromise with them. Don’t give an inch. Their purposes are both nefarious and proven to be ineffective.

  4. Navy Seals should be well-endowed, same as all Government-Sanctioned Heroes, right?

    Let’s presume that somebody does have a small penis. Making fun of a congenital condition is insensitive and counter to the all-inclusive nature professed by the self-named “liberals”. And she’s being a size queen, presuming that bigger is better. Fie, how presumptuous!

  5. Well, when you are a gaping gash like her, pretty much all human penii are “small”, relatively speaking.

  6. T-Bolt for the win!

    If you are a leftist, never go all Freudian on your betters. They will subdue you with their massive wit.

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