Quote of the day—NYPD Officer

When I came into this police force I wanted to help people, but the civilian population, they’re being hunted. Instead of being protected by us they’re being hunted and we’re being hated.

NYPD Officer
On the Department’s Feudal “Stop and Frisk” Policy.
From 11:28 in the following video:

[H/T Tyler Durden and Michael Krieger.

Also of interest is, from 2:11, “I had this captain who walked into the precinct and gave a speech about harassing the public. His words were, ‘We’re going to go out there and were going to violate some rights’.”

The police should realize this will not be tolerated for long. If legal recourse fails to get them in compliance then they should expect ‘game on.’ With no rules.—Joe]

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—NYPD Officer

  1. The police statements definitely qualified as terroristic threats against a minor. In America, lawyers would come out first, deer rifles second. In NYC, which isn’t even close to being America, cops are apparently getting away with this.

  2. If that Captain’s precinct were to receive a big bronze plaque from some police cooperation league, of Robert Peel’s9 principles of policing, would they understand what was being said to them?

  3. As children we played “cops and robbers”, not “cops and citizenry and robbers”. If everyone who isn’t a cop is a criminal, then the rights protected by the constitution are only impediments to combating crime and keeping order invented by evil lawyers and judges.

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