About voting fraud

Since the left is convinced that you cannot be trusted with a gun, cannot be trusted to educate your own kids, feed your own kids, feed yourself, deal directly with your medical care providers, chose the vehicle you want, run your own business without being told how to do it, hire the right people, chose your own light bulbs, chose the energy sources you want, or keep your own money, et al, why on Earth would it trust you to vote?  Why should it?

If the very future of the planet itself is in jeopardy, as is claimed, well then; the left would be “out of its mind” so to speak, to allow any election to go the wrong way if there were anything that could be done, by any means necessary, to fix it.

If we want to go further with this line of thought, we could make the same case.  If we’re headed for the cliff due to socialist creep, and there is very little time to make a correction, and since the constitution is no longer a functional barrier to socialist creep, since we’re now a de facto pure democracy seemingly bent on self destruction, then what are OUR options?

No; we don’t need election fraud.  The left needs it.  All we need is the truth, the light of day, and to find a way to begin restoring and enforcing the constitution.  We know that the Republican Party as constituted today will not do that, so we’ve refined the context of the question, but not answered it.  What are our options?

As little help as it may be, I can answer that in the negative; One option that we do NOT have is that of trying to make everyone like us.  We’ll have to tell it like it is, with malice toward none (and that’s a challenge, isn’t it?) and let the chips fall where they may.  Pandering and beating around the bush, being afraid of the bare truth, is what got us in this mess, and it is what defines the Republican Party today.


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  1. Have you ever noticed that the guy complaining loudest about people stealing his lunch from the breakroom fridge is also the stealing from the breakroom fridge. BTW I am not saying this about you I am saying it about the party that happens to own most of the vote tabulating systems. Basically I do not think most of the progressives could keep their mouths shut to do something very effective.

  2. The Democratic Party has been winning elections via vote fraud for decades. Now that the issue is starting to be addressed they are starting to try to turn it around and accuse the Republicans. The 1960 Presidential election was decided by “dead” people in Chicago. More recently we have at least one US Senator with a margin of victory far lower than the number of convicted felons who voted illegally, nursing home staff manipulating the votes of their brain injured patients,
    college students and others voting in multiple locations, all with clear ties to the Democratic party apparatus.

  3. “Creeping socialism?” Been too late since 1933.

    …Or since Woodrow Wilson. Or since the FDA; or since the railroads pushed high, wide and mighty to get their pick into the White House, some hotshot Illinois lawyer running on the ticket of an upstart party — not that the Democrats or the Whigs had anything better to offer. Or maybe since Washington drafted that first Executive Order, doing his damnedest to do right (as he saw it) by a new system of government. All of these people and measures were well-intentioned (even, horribly enough, the odious Wilson, who left a legacy that got churches blown up a generation later) but as sure as water runs downhill, pushed this country closer and closer to that “ground state” of human civilization, with a large, poor and powerless ruled class and a small, vicious and largely unrestrained hereditary ruling class.

    But not to worry; though the Republic is long dead, there are probably centuries of Empire ahead, with the old forms all hollowed out, propped up and appropriately mouthed over on the proper ceremonial occasions, as though they still had some concrete reality. “Liberty?” Might as well wish for a lollypop (hat tip to RAH); you’ve better odds of getting it.

  4. In addition to the government not trusting you to eat correctly, you omitted the government does not trust you to flush your own choice of toilet.

    Cradle to grave socialism is a lengthy but potentially narrow intrusion into one’s life.

    Grocer to toilet socialism describes the breadth of control the government exerts over us.

  5. eriko, ever notice how the party actually caught in illegal vote activities is the Democrats?

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