Random thought of the day

Another data point to indicate we are winning the gun owner rights battle is that in the 2000 election George Bush was saying, apparently reluctantly, he would sign a permanent ban on “assault weapons” if it was put on his desk and his opponent, Al Gore, wanted the AWB as well as restrictions and licensing of ordinary handguns.

In this election President Obama, apparently reluctantly, said he would like to see an AWB passed and his opponent, Mitt Romney says he doesn’t want any more restrictions on firearms.

Hence today we have the more repressive candidate for President of the United States taking the position of the least repressive candidate of 12 years ago.

Yes, I can see an analogy being made to dungeon prisoners celebrating their ration of gruel being increased by 10%. But it is a measurable improvement and the trend for the foreseeable future continues to be favorable.


2 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. Now we need to push it to the point where the most repressive candidate is saying that he doesn’t want any more restrictions on firearms and the least restrictive candidate is pushing for repeal of most firearms regulations.

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