Quote of the day—Barb L.

Holy crap!

That’s insane!

Barb L.
October 20, 2012
[This was in regard to first hand exposure to her first Boomershoot fireball.

I find her choice of words interesting. About 90% of time a persons first response is “Holy s**t!”. Barb, today in another context, told me she almost never uses foul language so I suppose that could account for the somewhat moderated response.

And yes, this is in regard to the event described by Barron. And yes, she was the woman involved who may have affected someone’s judgment.

I will say that I don’t remember all the conversation related by Barron but it’s close enough that it doesn’t matter. And even after the event I didn’t see it as all that big of a deal. But Barron tells the story in such a way that Barb and I were laughing uncontrollably as she tried to read it to me as I was driving back to the Seattle area.

I was concerned about the fire getting into the stubble field but the fire had dramatically slowed down by the time the gasoline had been consumed. And it was the easiest to extinguish of any of the five fireball fires that have needed to be fought. My shoelaces didn’t even get melted this time. Barb did find a piece of melted milk jug stuck in the sole of her shoe and her son Max brought home a “piece of art” that was created by the fireball out of a milk jug remnant.—Joe]

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  1. While it wasn’t as bad as the fire of ’09, which I dare say will go down in history as the most poorly documented event in the world, which is ironic because it was created by a bunch of bloggers, this one ranks up there.

    I was quite pleased that it slowed down on the back side of the berm. That said I do remember you saying something about, “there’s still stubble in that field, we need to make sure it doesn’t get to the stubble…” Yeah… I thought you knew that field was still a golden color…

    That said, this is how adventures are made and stories worth telling again are created.

    As you were both laughing, I did it right, my job here is done.

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