Quote of the day—Michael Bloomberg

Gun are a plague and I don’t think education is going to keep guns out of the hands of gang members. The solution is to prevent all people who shouldn’t have guns from getting them.

Let’s get serious, these are people who have guns, and the only reason to carry a gun is to use it. To kill people.

Michael Bloomberg
Mayor New York City
October 17, 2012
Bloomberg Opens Fire On Obama And Romney’s Gun Control “Gibberish”
[“Guns are a plague”? The last time I check gun ownership is a specific enumerated right. One could just as well claim books, newspapers, and religious texts are “a plague”.

He cannot be serious in believing the only reason for carrying guns is to kill people. Is that why his body guards and the police in his city carry them? People legally carry guns to protect innocent life. If Bloomberg cannot comprehend that then he has some serious mental issues.

If Bloomberg views a specific enumerated right as a plague then it would appear to me there are only two legitimate paths to take from here. 1) Bloomberg voluntarily enters a mental institution for treatment of his mental disorder(s); or 2) Federal prosecutors charge him with violation of 18 USC 242. In no way is Bloomberg fit for public office.—Joe]


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  1. I compete in a bull’s eye league in the Bronx, which is under the purview of Bloomberg and the overzealous NYC gun laws he inherited from many mayoral administrations before him. It was made quite clear to me how carefully I have to transport the pistol, that I can only go to this range specifically for this match (and not just to do a bit of practice), that I need to transit there and back with no stops (My NYS pistol permit is void throughout NYC except for this narrow exception). I also keep multiple copies of the match schedule in my various cases, etc as “proof” that my intention is to attend this match.

  2. Sec.242 is for the actual ‘act’ of violating rights under color of law. Sec.241 covers the ‘conspiracy against rights’, which until he acts is all this amounts to.

    But I’m fine with a conspiracy charge as the default for that is ‘felony’ (>1 yr prison) whereas the default for actually committing the violation of rights is merely a misdemeanor (<1 yr prison)...go figure.

  3. @Phssthpok, I’m not a lawyer but I would have thought the enforcement of NYC’s repressive gun laws would have qualified as “violating rights under color of law”. And the penalty can be much higher than the default. In fact if you squint just right a case can be made that Bloomberg qualifies for the death penalty.

  4. I’m sure the Department of Justice is on top of this, and Mickey will be Prosecuted to the full extant of the Law.

    Right after they take care of Holder for his Contempt of Congress.

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