Random thought of the day

If the ATF couldn’t keep track of 2500 guns it required FFL holders to sell to the drug cartels then it would seem that they would have zero moral authority to penalize FFL holders for losing track of a few firearms in the course of their business.

And the same should apply to the anti-gun organizations. Either they should be supporting investigation into and prosecution of those responsible in the ATF selling guns to the cartels as well as FFLs that lose guns or they should not support legal action against either.

Of course I’m expecting far too much from both the ATF and anti-gun organizations. I’m expecting morality, rationality, and consistency. I doubt they even know what those things are.


3 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. @defel cadarn, I think your point is valid but probably still not inclusive. I expect that we could brainstorm for an hour and not run out of things they are deficient it.

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