Quote of the day—David Hardy

It isn’t often that you see 50 or so felonies committed on a single webpage.

David Hardy
October 17, 2012
Ah, those peaceniks
[I wonder how many of those felonies will even be investigated, let alone prosecuted. My guess is zero.

It only matters if the target is the political left. Violence is considered an appropriate tool of political change when it is used or threatened by the left on their opponents.—Joe]

5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Hardy

  1. Those tweets are worded too similarly. They almost all use “assassinate” or “murder” amongst all the gangsta talk and misspellings. It smells funny.

  2. Personally, I would not be so quick to discount this trend. Yeah, 99% of them are Blowhards. But IMHO these Tweets represent a large number of people who are in a “Derangement Syndrome,” perhaps upward of a Million in the United States. So I think there might be a couple of Dozen of the “Deranged” willing and able to go after Romney if he “Dethrones” their Savior. And I do think that being in or near a Major City could be VERY Dangerous following the Election if Barry gets sent home. Remember what happened in Los Angles when the Court Verdict came back in the Rodney King Trial a generation ago.

  3. Well if we haven’t come to expect this sort of thing by now, we’re at least a couple steps behind the curve. When W was elected, the “snipers needed” talk was immediate, followed by how-to-kill-a-president publications.

    I believe we’re being tested. Someone is looking for the “Bubba Effect” to take hold, so we become the perpetrators. They’re really itching for one of us to lose it and take action.

  4. There are various sources online that cite big O’s followers on twitter as a lot of fake accounts. I know it sounds weird but I think this is goading for an armed response: which can then be used as an example to paint all firearms owners as extremists, which is not the case. And help implement some form of “common sense” controls… yes “common sense” made me barf in my mouth just a little… yeck!

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