Engaging in capitalism warrants death

The first time, probably about 1970, I read Atlas Shrugged I was fascinated by it. Awesome book. But it was just a piece of fiction to me. In my mind at that time it could not possibly represent anything past, present, and probably not the future as being close to reality.

As I grew less naive, and particularly with the easy access to differing viewpoints via the Internet I realized there really are people out there that hate the economic/political system that enabled the greatest advances in human prosperity, human rights, and living conditions in history. And they don’t just want to “tweak” it a little in some false hope of making it better. They want to kill those that participate in the system. And furthermore they use the fruits of that system to advocate their hate:

@NancyWonderful @Our4thEstate Hanging profiteers should restore confidence, not the other way. Ah, what do I know?

I can’t even make sense of this. Whose confidence could possibly be restored by hanging those that make a profit? The confidence of communists? Don’t they understand that if the rule of law breaks down and “hanging profiteers” has no legal repercussions the “hanging of communists” will almost for certain also be without legal repercussions?

We don’t want to go there. The end result will be very grim.


3 thoughts on “Engaging in capitalism warrants death

  1. We don’t want to go there. The end result will be very grim.

    At least my forward hand will be warm. Vultures gotta eat, too.

  2. Ah, but you fail to understand, Grasshopper. No Progressive platitude ever muttered can ever be Hate Speech. Progressives are philosophically incapable of Hate. Didn’t your Professors teach you that? Mine tried to.

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