Redesign not required

Professor Antony Davis says a complete redesign of government is required and that the redesign must begin with determining the proper role of government:

I agree with nearly everything he says except for the claim that a redesign is required.

The original design of 1787 would solve this problem just fine. It also has no chance of being seriously considered in the foreseeable future.

H/T to Tyler Durden.

2 thoughts on “Redesign not required

  1. That 2011 Federal Budget would be the one voted on and passed in both the House and Senate, and signed into law by the President, right?

    When legislators actually pass a budget instead of continuing resolutions get back to me bout how to reform the budget.

  2. I think by “redesign of government” the speaker means “rethinking that the Federal Government should be providing entitlements”; if that’s the case, then he’s right. Even so, strictly speaking, going back to the original design would, necessarily, remove entitlements, because they aren’t provided for in the Constitution.

    With regards to actually trying to restructure government: the flaw is in our character. We can try to create a better structure, but so long as we demand entitlements, and have distain towards freedom, we’re still doomed; on the other hand, if we were to give up on entitlements, and actually value freedom, then the structure of government won’t matter as much.

    Sadly, as far as I can see, most people favor entitlements, even at the cost of freedom. And *that’s* why I want to avoid Revolution as much as possible!

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